"It's difficult to define natural wine because wine producers work very differently, but there is definitely a synergy and a like-mindedness that can be tasted in these wines. Twin sisters Francesca and Margherita Padovani are among the pioneers of biodynamic winegrowing in the Tuscan region of Montalcino, one of Italy’s most admired appellations. They have farmed their 4,2 hectares of vineyards in Poggio San Polino with the utmost care for the soil, the grape and the environment since the beginnings - almost 15 years ago. Only ecological preparations based on propolis and plant extracts, together with limited amounts of copper and cave sulphur, are used to combat disease. Located on 450 met

Vodopivec | Friuli

"Just one grape," Vodopivec explains, "because that offers more than enough to study." Vodopivec grows wine on five hectares of Carso, a small area of ​​Friuli in northeastern Italy, on the border with Slovenia. He himself describes the area as "Harsh, unpleasant, difficult." The wind blows hard on this plateau that lies above the city of Trieste, and the mineral-rich and rocky soil contains layers of lime. Vodopivecs vineyard is 260 meters above sea level. When Paolo and his brother Walter took over the family farm in 1997, they decided to exclusively work with vitovska, the green grape variety that is unique to the area, and Paolo thought it could provide a much higher quality than previou


“Nature should be observed, heard, [and] understood, not dominated.” This tiny estate is the classic Italian fattoria, producing wine, raising farm animals for trade and home consumption and working the land to produce olives, fruits and vegetables. To this day, the Bea family raises and produces much of what they consume on a daily basis. Paolo Bea, The senior member of the family, is the guiding force behind the production of this series of intense and idiosyncratic wines. Each bottle provides an indication of the total produced that year, and many feature a slight presence of sediment, demonstrating the wholly natural methods of production. Bea’s approach is firmly rooted not so much in

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