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Bottega del  Vino


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Vino Condiviso 2021 — Sicilia  June 26, 2021

Vino Condiviso 2021 – Sicilia is a campaign that advocates the wine and food culture of Sicily. The experience of gastronomy will be delivered through a classic Sicilian themed 3-course meal, prepared by Chef Paolo Monti and his team. 

Wine Pairing Dinners - Guided by Leo Lo - June 15 & June 24, 2020
Vino Condiviso - May 27, 2019

VINO CONDIVISO: Wines to love, wines to share...

A walk-around tasting showcasing more than 150 hidden gems from Italy and already imported in Hong Kong.


Selected by Marino Braccu of 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana and featuring the wines from 35 Importers. 


Bottega del Vino will be featuring our favourite Paolo Bea, Vodopivec, Zyme and Gianfranco Fino's wine on the day.


20 Wine Producers are flying in from Italy especially for the event!


All profits to charity Mother’s Choice.


From Verona to Puglia. A great way to explore the differences between their terroir and how they contribute to the stylistic differences.

A cheerful tasting night with blind tasting games to tease all our taste buds at Tosca.

Gianfranco Fino tasting - Nov 3, 2016

The night was magical at Ozone overlooking the most beautiful harbour of Hong Kong.  


We started the night drinking the Rose of Simona Natale, which is liked by a lot of our lady drinkers.  Some reported that they find 'Jo' the Negroamaro the best wine of the night, becuase the winery handled this grape and wine making process with lots of care, makes if a delicate wine to enjoy.


'Es' remains the hit of the night.  This 100% Primitivo is a rich and silky red, with fig cake, dark chocolate, and ground clove and anise notes. A harmonious version, with mouthwatering acidity and refined tannins that focus the mineral-tinged finish

Zyme Wine Dinner - Jan 2014
'Snap your dish' at Domani - Aug 13- 17, 2013

“Snap Your Dish!” at Domani, with Master Photographer Marino Sterle, where we learnt how to be a better social networking food reporter.

Zyme's 'From Black to White', 'Valpolicella DOP Classico Superiore' and 'Kairos' were featured in this event.

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